SQL/Monitoring Facility: Product Summary

The SQL/Monitoring Facility (SQL/MF) is a state-of-the-art execution-time monitor for DB2/VM with many unique and exciting features.

The product provides database administrators with detailed information about:

Monitor information is available for dynamic queries and compiled applications.
SQL/MF monitors all DB2 clients, including DRDA and TCP/IP clients.

Monitoring SQL statements

Statement Capturing

Statement Statistics Package Statistics Session Run Statistics Exception Logging Governor Facility Notification Facility Package Benchmarking Statement Recording Lockwait Recording Checkpoint Recording AutoPrep Facility Statement Analysis
System Monitoring
SQL/MF User Interface
Customizing SQL/MF

User Reports

SQL/MF comes with 63 interactive reports, which are invoked from the Report Menu. Because all SQL/MF tables are regular DB2 tables, an installation can easily write its own monitor reports. These user reports are automatically added to the Report Menu.
User Attached Process facility
Attached processes are user-written REXX programs, invoked during monitoring. The processes have real-time access to the monitored data. They enable an installation to incorporate its own monitoring procedures into SQL/MF.
Connect exit
A connect exit is a REXX program invoked whenever a DB2 user issues an explicit CONNECT statement. The exit receives the connect parameters as invocation arguments and can reject the connect, if desired.
Monitor Tables
SQL/MF stores its monitoring results in DB2 tables. These tables are processed by the SQL/MF user interface, but are also available for user processing.

Software prerequisites