SQL/Command Analysis: Product Summary
SQL/Command Analysis ("SQL/CA") is a software tool that analyzes the performance of DB2/VM applications.

The product assists developers in producing high-quality DB2 applications. With SQL/CA, poorly written SQL can be detected and corrected at the development stage. Using SQL/CA, developers will deliver applications that perform efficiently in the operational database environment.

SQL/CA operates on the source text of the program. Therefore it can signal SQL performance deviations, not detected by more traditional tuning procedures.

SQL/CA presents the results of analysis in an interactive analysis report. The report is easy to read and does not require a highly technical background to be understood.

Analysis input

SQL/CA is capable of analyzing:

SQL Explain

EXPLAIN is the primary performance tuning statement provided by DB2/VM. It shows the method chosen by DB2/VM to access the data. As the first step of an analysis, SQL/CA performs an EXPLAIN for all SQL statements in the application. The analysis report shows the numerical and encoded EXPLAIN results in a more readable format. SQL/CA further enhances the EXPLAIN results:

Predicate Analysis

SQL/CA is more than an automated EXPLAIN tool: its predicate analysis function examines the application's SQL for adherence to the performance rules described in the IBM publication "DB2 Performance Tuning Handbook". Each SQL statement in the application is checked against each of the documented performance rules. When a statement violates one of the rules, it is flagged with an appropriate message.

Some examples of the performance rules enforced:

A rule violation results in a warning message.These messages can be searched online in the SQL/CA Glossary, which describes the detected performance exposure in full detail and suggests corrective action.

Object Lists

At the end of the analysis report, SQL/CA shows the catalog information for all tables and indexes used by the program.

Simulation Facilities

Analysis Options Additional SQL/CA Tools SQL/CA Software Pre-requisites

The product supports all current versions of z/VM and DB2.