Sample Analysis Report

The EXPLAIN results for the above query show a non-selective index scan (warning AW84). Therefore, the entire index will be scanned.
Warning AW92 shows that no keymatching columns are available to perform selective index access.
Warning AW55 shows that the expression on PARTNO is not sargable (not directly executable by the database I/O subsystem) and therefore not keymatching (AW55).
Warnings AW55 and AW92 are derived from the explain results. Explain however does not tell why the expression is not keymatching.

Predicate analysis goes beyond EXPLAIN by showing why the expression is not sargable and therefore, not keymatching (warning AW01).

To obtain more details about warning AW01, position the cursor on the warning message and press PF1. This shows the Glossary entry for this message.