Version 3.8.1 of the DB2 for z/OS Access Recording product "DBARS" is now available. 

Version 3.8.1 provides the DBARSLOG functionality that allows to store DBARS alerts to a Windows event log, for use by external systems such as big data software.

Date of availability : November 1, 2014.

Version 3.8 of the DB2 for z/OS Access Recording product "DBARS" is now available. This version provides the following new functionalities:

Date of availability : August 1, 2013.

UDBAR Version 1 is now available. The product records access to DB2 running in z/Linux.

Date of availability : December 15, 2009.

The DBARSGUI facility is now available. The facility provides a GUI interface to the DBARS Report Scan utility. The facility is available for Windows workstations. 

The facility has no software prerequisites other than z/OS, DBARS and a Java virtual machine on the workstation.

Date of availability : July 1, 2007.

We are pleased to announce the DB2 for z/OS Access Recording product.

The product records all SQL statements that access sensitive data contained in DB2 tables.

Date of availability : February 1, 2005.
The REXX/SQL for z/VM product now provides an interface allowing REXX/SQL EXECs to run as a stored procedure in a procedure server.

Date of availability : March 1, 2004.

We are pleased to announce the REXX/SQL for z/VM product.

It provides an SQL interface for z/VM REXX exec's.

Date of availability : September 30, 2003.
We are pleased to announce the SQL/Data Synchronization for DB2/VSE product.

It provides DB2/VSE table synchronization between homogenous (DB2/VSE to DB2/VSE) and heterogenous DB2 platforms.

Date of availability : May 31, 2003.